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       fearless; adventurous 

About me and my business:

I set up Vintrepid Wines after working for a large Australian winery for a couple of years. Prior to that I had a baptism of fire in the wine trade working over Christmas for a busy central London wine shop. Tough work but a huge amount of fun. I actually came to wine pretty late. I've always loved drinking wine, but it wasn't until I started buying more adventurous bottles from Planet of the Grapes that my passion was ignited. I decided to study for my WSET Advanced exam and then turned my back on the thoroughly exciting world of recruitment and jumped head first into the world of wine. I've got two young children and work in a home office - apologies if you hear them when you call to discuss wine! 
Vintrepid Wines is all about finding extraordinary wines from the road less travelled. I love wines that are interesting and stand out for their taste as well as their story. This interest could be an unusual country, a lesser known region, rare grape varieties or winemakers doing something different in established regions. I'm also passionate about wines and winemakers that are staunchly traditional and not willing to bow to modern commercial pressures - a few still exist. Vintrepid Wines has been created to combat the bland. Bland wine is everywhere, we will never be bland. It never ceases to amaze me the array of wonderful and truly special wines that are out there if you look hard enough. Well I've looked hard and continue to do so everyday to make sure Vintrepid Wines has an exceptional range of truly outstanding wines to choose from.
These wines are crafted rather than manufactured. I don’t think wines should be brands first and wines second; its all about what’s inside for me. You will find interesting wines, often from small family owned producers whose wines over deliver for the money. A lot of the wines will be organic, biodynamic or even 'natural', but I'm not preachy about any of these things. Quite often I'll fall in love with a wine and then subsequently discover its biodynamic, organic or natural; not the other way round. I also love a lot of wines that are none of these things!
I currently only sell on-line through however I do try and get out and about as much as possible. Pop up shops, fun and informal tasting events will occur from time to time, so if you're interested in that sort of thing, sign up to our newsletter and I'll keep you in the loop (I only send it out every three months unless something unbelievably exciting crops up that I just can't wait to tell everyone).
This is a small business determined to offer a personal service that is simple to deal with and free from confusing pricing and unnecessary jargon. I also firmly believe in personal service, so pick up the phone, email, tweet, facebook - I love a good natter so please get in touch and I will endeavour to help. 

Robbie Ward, Chief Wine Guy

*Beautiful image of a canoe adventure in The Lake District used with kind permission from Matt Long*