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Fedellos do Couto Bastarda 2014

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Delicate and incredibly beautiful red made from a childishly naughty sounding grape variety!


Grape: Bastarda

Producer: Fedellos do Couto

Region:  Ribeira Sacra, Spain
Size:  75cl  
ABV:  11.8%


This is as light as red wine gets in colour before entering dark rosé territory, but don't let your eyes trick you into thinking this will be light in flavour. It is made from the grape variety Bastarda which is the same as the Trousseau grape from the Jura region of France. The fragrance is all juicy red berries and sour cherries, a similar profile to Pinot Noir but on the delicate side (New World Pinot Noir equivalent this ain't!) There is a real moreishness to this and the light alcohol helps that. It has a nice spicy edge to it and it finishes incredibly clean, and well yes, moreish! Glug glug! 

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At its best

Serve a bit chilled. Not cold, but anything too warm will mute all of those fresh vibrant flavours. 

Food matching

Lamb on the rare side, or a plump game bird would be awesome. Christmas dinner anyone?


Organic and Biodynamic